Limerick of Love

Daily Prompt: Sacred

Limerick of Love

Love isn’t always a two-way street

but it will be when you finally meet

who you know is Godsent

and will be your best friend

through it all. Sacred, this love will be.



Trail of Vigor

Daily Prompt: Vigor

Lying at the bottom

sharpened rocks add to the pain

I want to just lie here, for however long.

But the light above reminds me I can’t stay

no matter how comfortable I make this place.

I carefully stand and climb my out

cut by the rocks, blood is dripping from my flesh

leaving a wounding but proud trail of vigor.

Facebook Page For Poets!

Hello everyone! It’s been about a month since  I last posted… Dang!

I wanted to tell you that I’m in the process of starting a career in the military so I won’t be able to post as much anymore.

I reached 73 followers on this blog. I thank each and every one of you for your support which means a lot to me. And I know a lot of my followers are poets so I would like to invite you to post your poetry on a Facebook page I created called, “Nothing But Poetry.”

Feel free to post any of your poems on this page! Although I’d prefer no mature content or obscene language, feel free to post what’s on your mind and heart. There will be no consequences for posting poems with this kind of content. But I will say if it’s just down-right nasty and rude and has nothing to do with poetry I will delete it (whenever I have the chance.) But y’all are so amazing that I know that won’t happen 😀

If you have any questions, please put it in the comments.

Have a great blogging journey!

No Longer Artificial

Daily Prompt: Artificial

No Longer Artificial

Censoring my speech

trying to be perfect

trying to avoid awkwardness

and embarrassment I’ll carry for years.

But that’s not the true me.

I may say something that’s geeky

or try to add relevance to a story you

triggered in my memory.

So tired of being an artificial being

that is silently afraid of society’s judgement.

From now on I”ll be real,

not ashamed to share my insights

and opinions and will admit

whenever I’m mistaken and be

willing to admit my faults.

I’m Starting Now

Daily Prompt: Waiting

I’m Starting Now

Waiting for brighter days

waiting to wake up excited

waiting for a life I’ve always wanted.


But why should I wait?

I should live the life I have now

to the fullest so I can enjoy

the changes that come later to

their fullest as well.


I should make the most of every moment

and cherish every breath I take.

I am no longer waiting,

I’m starting now.

I Trust You

Daily Prompt: Trust

I Trust You

When my life is in danger

there’s no doubt You’ll save me.

When I cry You’ll comfort me and

dry my tears.

You’ll hold me close in Your

everlasting arms.


I apologize for ever doubting You.

You’re orchestrating my life

I shouldn’t worry nor doubt

everything is in Your Hands.

Lord, I trust You, You hold this Earth dear.

I’ll forever lean on You for You are perfect.


Daily Prompt: Subdued


He cringes as he and his family

sit in awkward silence.

Forks and knives

scraping across dinner plates

are the only noises to be heard

after bitterness and envy made

themselves known.


“What happened to us? When did they get so angry?

When did we grow so far apart?”

he asked in his mind.

Little did he know everyone was thinking the same things.

He tries to eat but can’t. He sees some others struggling as well.


A quiet, broken apology is heard.

Forgiveness is desired so badly tears emerge.

More tears around the table, more apologies.

He knows this just the beginning, but it’s the

beginning of a beautiful thing,