I’m Starting Now

Daily Prompt: Waiting

I’m Starting Now

Waiting for brighter days

waiting to wake up excited

waiting for a life I’ve always wanted.


But why should I wait?

I should live the life I have now

to the fullest so I can enjoy

the changes that come later to

their fullest as well.


I should make the most of every moment

and cherish every breath I take.

I am no longer waiting,

I’m starting now.


You Chose to be Original

Daily Prompt: Original

You Chose to be Original

I’ve never met someone like you

You’re nice, fun, have a unique sense of humor

you’re a great joy to be around.


I fell for you, you’re originality

out of all the people I met, your

light shined the brightest

out of all the smiles, yours was the widest.

I’m glad I met you, you’re a highlight of my life

for you chose to be original.


I Missed My Anniversary?!

Hi everyone. So September 30th marked my first year anniversary of blogging with WordPress. I totally thought I started this in October but apparently I was mistaken. Usually I’m pretty darn good at dates but this one got away from me.

However, I wouldn’t have been blogging as long as I have without all you. So thank you for inspiring me and motivating to blog. (Shout out to everyone associated with the Writing 201 poetry course that inspired me to make this a (mostly) poetry blog.) Thanks to all my followers and if you don’t follow me but still read and or like my work, thanks to you too! My poetry has gotten a lot better with your support and I now have more confidence in my poetry.

I hope you all have an amazing rest of your blogging journeys!

Let’s Take a Moment to Pretend

Daily Prompt: Pretend

Let’s Take a Moment to Pretend

Judging happens, no matter how good you are,

you could give to charities every month

go to church every Sunday

volunteer seven days a week.

Unfortunately, people always find something to judge you about

like thinking you’re “too” nice or you work too much.

Or they don’t know you at all and still treat you less of what you deserve.


Sometimes, because of judgement people act differently

start to say something with great insight

but hold back.

Some are too timid to speak at all,

volunteer for something they love

because of the anxiety of being judged.


Everyone wants to be accepted.

Everyone wants to be loved.

Everyone wants to be admired

and an inspiration.


Some don’t care whether they are judged

they know who they are and love themselves.

I admire those people, they give me hope

and help me to be less anxious.


But for those of us that are still learning

to completely ignore judgmental people.


Let’s take a moment to pretend,

pretend that judgement of the world didn’t exist.

There is no doubt I’d be happier.

I’d sing and dance more

voluntarily introduce myself

and put more effort into being a friend

to those who don’t have any.


Dreaming, playing pretend is nice at times

but life is too short to live it in the clouds.


Let’s not pretend anymore. Be the beautiful person

you know you are. Ignore the malice and strife

that people show. Their attitude is their problem

and theirs alone.

Be the happy person you know you can be

and try things you’ve always wanted but

were too scared to because of what other’s have said.


It’s not easy. It may take a while to stir up the confidence

but we can be who we truly are. People of judgement can stay in their pit

while we strive and rise above them constantly.


What is there to lose? I should ask, “What is there to gain?”


Goodbye Anxiety, Forever

Goodbye Anxiety, Forever

We’ve been through a lot together.

We had each other’s backs time and time again.

You came rushing as I called you when life

was going “too” well.

I gave you shelter when you asked for somewhere to stay.


But now we must part ways;

I can’t take your presence anymore.

The lies you’ve told caused me to

miss priceless opportunities

and deplete my self-esteem.

You loved it when I’d tremble in fear

you laughed when I tossed and turned at night.


I finally realized I don’t need to

play your sick games.

I finally realized you weren’t a friend at all.

You did nothing but torment me endlessly.

I’m through with you!

Don’t even think about making up,

your efforts from now on will be useless.


My life has much improved without you.

I love how you don’t invade my mind anymore.

I can now think of beautiful, peaceful thoughts

that will eventually give birth to greatness.


Off to bigger and better things;

these wonderful plans for my life

have no room for you.

I’m not sure why I’m still talking to you.

Goodbye Anxiety, Forever.



No More Secrets

No More Secrets

Let’s be open books,
present our pages
regardless of how torn,
the amount of smudges,
or what’s written.

Let’s read these pages
free of judgment and expectations.
These words shall enlighten us
with understanding so that
we no longer have to guess,
no longer have to conceal.

Take your time, I’ll take mine.
I’ll immerse myself in your story.
I’ll turn your pages carefully
I won’t skim over a single word.


I’m tired of hiding my book.
I constantly, restlessly, move it
from one spot to another.

So now, I give it to you.
There’s no rush, no pressure.
I trust you with this book,
my heart in page form.


Not so Obvious

Daily Prompt: Obvious

Not so Obvious

At times, we take peoples’ feelings for granted,

that they’re obvious…


Just because someone always seems to have a smile on their face

doesn’t mean they are not going through great pain.

Just because someone is always encouraging others

doesn’t mean they never feel discouraged or are.


Happy people get sad,

calm people get mad.

We can’t take their behavior for granted

and take advantage of them.

They need as much help as we.

They need someone to listen to their problems

and assistance with fulfilling their dreams.


Let’s spread what they do, joy

and emotional security, to others, everyone.

Let’s be the light they were to us.


Everyone needs a person to confide in

when they’re feelings are not so obvious.