Keys to My Heart

Daily Prompt: Invitation

Keys to My Heart


I used to give the keys to my heart freely.

I thought no one would do me wrong, but they did,

tossing away my keys into the garbage

as soon as they were through them.


With tears in my eyes I rummaged through

the garbage and wiped off the crud off my keys. I then locked

those keys away, thinking everyone I met

just wanted to use them at their disposable.


Fortunately, people throughout my life from then on

shined a light on my darkened soul. I ran to where

I locked my keys and stopped cold…

“Do I really want to do this? What if I witness the same pain again?

But they have taken the time to shine their light on my life. They didn’t

need to, they chose to. And it’s not just any light, it’s a light I will

remember for a lifetime…”

I take the keys and shined them

and proudly presented them to the ones who took

the time to show me kindness in my despair.

In exchange, I was bestowed their keys

which I hang permanently in a special place in my heart.


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