Clinging to a Dream

Daily Prompt: Cling

Clinging to a dream

that many think won’t happen.

No matter how much faith I think they have

they encourage me to steer away from the

hopes of my heart.


But I won’t listen to them

With God all things are possible.

I asked Him if these dreams will pass

and He said “Yes,”

so I will stand on His word

and make His will my own.

I’ll follow Him for I know He’s always right.


I don’t blame the others for their lack of faith

for I used to have little faith too

and God didn’t tell or show them what He

told and showed me.


God will give us the desires of our hearts if we

delight ourselves in Him.

I delight myself in the Lord, I’m excited for

what else He’ll do in my life.

I’ll be patient and keep thanking Him

for bringing my dream to pass,

this is why I will cling to my dream

regardless of how far away it seems.


Until it happens I will gain knowledge and grow

in order to maintain this dream that is

forever locked in my heart.


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