What She Wished For


What She Wished For

Grateful for all the people around her

yet still missing her true love.

They bring the cake with dozens of lit candles on top

and they sing the usual song.


She closes her eyes and wishes with all her might.

She blows out the candles as they applaud.


What did she wish for? For him to be there

so she can hear his voice

make new memories with him?

To look into his eyes and embrace and for

them to never be apart again?


No, although she would want that very much,

what she wished for was his happiness.

She wished for his safety and that he’d never

grow weary. She wished that he’d stay healthy

and that he’ll always have strength and prosperity.








One comment

  1. Advaita Shyam Sunder · October 15, 2016

    I feel the same.. miss bring with the one I love..
    Had a great time reading 🙂 different style eh …

    Please go thru my latest blogpost and give me your feedback so that I feel motivated to write more 🙂 much love


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