Let’s Take a Moment to Pretend

Daily Prompt: Pretend

Let’s Take a Moment to Pretend

Judging happens, no matter how good you are,

you could give to charities every month

go to church every Sunday

volunteer seven days a week.

Unfortunately, people always find something to judge you about

like thinking you’re “too” nice or you work too much.

Or they don’t know you at all and still treat you less of what you deserve.


Sometimes, because of judgement people act differently

start to say something with great insight

but hold back.

Some are too timid to speak at all,

volunteer for something they love

because of the anxiety of being judged.


Everyone wants to be accepted.

Everyone wants to be loved.

Everyone wants to be admired

and an inspiration.


Some don’t care whether they are judged

they know who they are and love themselves.

I admire those people, they give me hope

and help me to be less anxious.


But for those of us that are still learning

to completely ignore judgmental people.


Let’s take a moment to pretend,

pretend that judgement of the world didn’t exist.

There is no doubt I’d be happier.

I’d sing and dance more

voluntarily introduce myself

and put more effort into being a friend

to those who don’t have any.


Dreaming, playing pretend is nice at times

but life is too short to live it in the clouds.


Let’s not pretend anymore. Be the beautiful person

you know you are. Ignore the malice and strife

that people show. Their attitude is their problem

and theirs alone.

Be the happy person you know you can be

and try things you’ve always wanted but

were too scared to because of what other’s have said.


It’s not easy. It may take a while to stir up the confidence

but we can be who we truly are. People of judgement can stay in their pit

while we strive and rise above them constantly.


What is there to lose? I should ask, “What is there to gain?”




  1. edenofknowledge · September 26, 2016

    So very true. Very nice poem.

    Liked by 1 person

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