Goodbye Anxiety, Forever

Goodbye Anxiety, Forever

We’ve been through a lot together.

We had each other’s backs time and time again.

You came rushing as I called you when life

was going “too” well.

I gave you shelter when you asked for somewhere to stay.


But now we must part ways;

I can’t take your presence anymore.

The lies you’ve told caused me to

miss priceless opportunities

and deplete my self-esteem.

You loved it when I’d tremble in fear

you laughed when I tossed and turned at night.


I finally realized I don’t need to

play your sick games.

I finally realized you weren’t a friend at all.

You did nothing but torment me endlessly.

I’m through with you!

Don’t even think about making up,

your efforts from now on will be useless.


My life has much improved without you.

I love how you don’t invade my mind anymore.

I can now think of beautiful, peaceful thoughts

that will eventually give birth to greatness.


Off to bigger and better things;

these wonderful plans for my life

have no room for you.

I’m not sure why I’m still talking to you.

Goodbye Anxiety, Forever.




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