Daily Prompt: Learning


Learning what love is,

learning how effectively interact with others,

learning that life isn’t always fair,

learning that unfortunately there’s someone

out there who always has it worse than I.


In this life, I’m learning that life is too short

to say, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” and, “Maybe one day.”

I need to make things happen now or as soon as

possible before it’s too late.

Many times I thought tough situations work themselves out

but little did I know that I had to take action at times.

I learned when to back off when there’s nothing I can do

but when there’s something in my control, take charge.


I’m learning to be comfortable in my own skin

yes, there will be awkward moments, no one’s perfect

but hiding behind a fake personality is all too obvious,

exhausting, a truthfully, a waste of time.


I’m learning how to not let anger and sadness control me

learning to defeat doubt and how to take chances while

still using common sense.

Learning how to be patient with others as they grow in their life

learning how to live it to the fullest, this life.




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