In My Youth

Daily Prompt: Youth


In My Youth

I cared about things that don’t matter now.

Got into gossip that had no value

(half the time, the truth in them were quite questionable).

Make-up and clothes, I thought they mattered

Whether or not I was single, I thought was important

but all these things, never were.


What did matter was how I treated people

and how well I did in school,

and the friends I held close to my heart.

These are what followed me to this day

and still follow me.


At times, I was hard on myself

for being the quiet goody-goody

but if I weren’t, I wouldn’t

have gotten the support I currently have.

I stayed true to myself and avoided

identity crises and bad people

who would tarnish my light.


My reputation wasn’t “the quiet girl who can’t get a date,”

it was, “an intelligent, good hearted girl who is serious about her future.”

I wish I knew that earlier, but better late than never.

Now I know that being me is important,

people should never compare themselves to others

or wish they were someone else.

What time wasters these mindsets are.

We’re all unique, no copies,

Embrace it.





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