No More Secrets

No More Secrets

Let’s be open books,
present our pages
regardless of how torn,
the amount of smudges,
or what’s written.

Let’s read these pages
free of judgment and expectations.
These words shall enlighten us
with understanding so that
we no longer have to guess,
no longer have to conceal.

Take your time, I’ll take mine.
I’ll immerse myself in your story.
I’ll turn your pages carefully
I won’t skim over a single word.


I’m tired of hiding my book.
I constantly, restlessly, move it
from one spot to another.

So now, I give it to you.
There’s no rush, no pressure.
I trust you with this book,
my heart in page form.




Daily Prompt: Witness


Taking my breath and usual state of mind

like floating in space, not knowing when I’ll come down,

actually, not sure if I would even want to…


Witnessing love and how it develops

I’ve underestimated its power for too long.

Difficult but rewarding.

Draining but becomes replenishing.

Overwhelmingly tough

but soon enough the toughness is taken

over with joy.


A lifelong commitment

that no one earns but is granted.

A life-changing promise

full of adventure and new beginnings.



Not so Obvious

Daily Prompt: Obvious

Not so Obvious

At times, we take peoples’ feelings for granted,

that they’re obvious…


Just because someone always seems to have a smile on their face

doesn’t mean they are not going through great pain.

Just because someone is always encouraging others

doesn’t mean they never feel discouraged or are.


Happy people get sad,

calm people get mad.

We can’t take their behavior for granted

and take advantage of them.

They need as much help as we.

They need someone to listen to their problems

and assistance with fulfilling their dreams.


Let’s spread what they do, joy

and emotional security, to others, everyone.

Let’s be the light they were to us.


Everyone needs a person to confide in

when they’re feelings are not so obvious.



Daily Prompt: Learning


Learning what love is,

learning how effectively interact with others,

learning that life isn’t always fair,

learning that unfortunately there’s someone

out there who always has it worse than I.


In this life, I’m learning that life is too short

to say, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” and, “Maybe one day.”

I need to make things happen now or as soon as

possible before it’s too late.

Many times I thought tough situations work themselves out

but little did I know that I had to take action at times.

I learned when to back off when there’s nothing I can do

but when there’s something in my control, take charge.


I’m learning to be comfortable in my own skin

yes, there will be awkward moments, no one’s perfect

but hiding behind a fake personality is all too obvious,

exhausting, a truthfully, a waste of time.


I’m learning how to not let anger and sadness control me

learning to defeat doubt and how to take chances while

still using common sense.

Learning how to be patient with others as they grow in their life

learning how to live it to the fullest, this life.



Feels Like Fifty Years

Daily Prompt: Fifty

It felt like fifty years since we’ve seen each other

It felt like fifty years since you held me in your arms.


Now that you’re back, now that you’ve returned to me

what felt like fifty years melt as I hold you tight.

Now it feels like yesterday since we last

looked into each other’s misty eyes.

But today’s mist is filled with happiness

because we never have to let each other go again.


In My Youth

Daily Prompt: Youth


In My Youth

I cared about things that don’t matter now.

Got into gossip that had no value

(half the time, the truth in them were quite questionable).

Make-up and clothes, I thought they mattered

Whether or not I was single, I thought was important

but all these things, never were.


What did matter was how I treated people

and how well I did in school,

and the friends I held close to my heart.

These are what followed me to this day

and still follow me.


At times, I was hard on myself

for being the quiet goody-goody

but if I weren’t, I wouldn’t

have gotten the support I currently have.

I stayed true to myself and avoided

identity crises and bad people

who would tarnish my light.


My reputation wasn’t “the quiet girl who can’t get a date,”

it was, “an intelligent, good hearted girl who is serious about her future.”

I wish I knew that earlier, but better late than never.

Now I know that being me is important,

people should never compare themselves to others

or wish they were someone else.

What time wasters these mindsets are.

We’re all unique, no copies,

Embrace it.





Daily Prompt: Moon


It always feels as if the moon is over my head,

Night, never ending.

When with you, the sun seemed brighter

even cloudy skies seemed clear.


Now that you left, sunny days

appear as if they were quiet storms.

The clouds cry for me and the

soft winds whisper sorrowful pleas.


The moon takes notice and calls the stars

from behind those blue clouds

to make the Night bearable.


When they leave me, they come to you

hopefully luminous with the love I have for you.