Autonomy-Daily Prompt

It’s kind of scary.

All my life I was told what to do,

what kind of decisions to make.

Then, as soon as I turn eighteen,

it’s all in my hands.


Finally being able to feel

my destiny in my own hands

but not knowing what to do with it.

They say, “With great power comes

great responsibility.”

Three years later, still not so sure

if I can handle all of this.


But one thing I know, my future starts with me,

what I’m doing now.

The daily decisions I make, where I choose to


Whether I merely accept my weaknesses

or strive to make them stronger, to

be complacent with my strengths or

put them to the test.


One day I asked myself, “What do I want to be?”

The mature, independent woman I always dreamed of?

Or will I stay comfortable and forever be that timid girl

who is too fearful and skeptical about new experiences?


I decided to no longer be timid and skeptical.

I learned that I’ve always wanted the chance to

make my own mistakes,

to learn on my own instead of going by what other people say.

I learned that even making mistakes strengthens me

by giving me knowledge on how to improve myself.


If I didn’t make these choices

I wouldn’t have met the amazing people I know today

and the priceless memories they left me.

I wouldn’t have grown, I still wouldn’t have confidence.

My life would be so miserable, but it’s not because

I’ve finally made the decision to live.


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