Your Sanctuary

Sanctuary-Daily Prompt


You invited me into your sanctuary, a

place that at first made me skeptic and timid.

You took my trembling hand and showed me that is

filled with wonder, imagination, and endless possibilities,

a place where we could be anything we wanted.


You showed me how fun it is being in your world,

and how it wasn’t just one world but multiple.

One minute we’re in New York at a quiet park near a beautiful fountain

the next we’re having a picnic at the country side of France.


Through these many breathtaking adventures,

the huge imagination I once had returned to me,

the one I abandoned years ago, that I left

buried under reality.


After all of this was said and done

sadly, we had to go our separate ways

and leave this sanctuary

for how long? Only God knows.

When we embraced, I fought tears,

wanting to end this last adventure

without any sadness.


But it was all too clear

we didn’t want to leave.

But someday our paths will cross again

and we’ll go on new adventures

funner and more exciting than before.


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