Feast for Her Soul


“A feast for the eyes,”

she heard said about a thousand times

about her man. She nods and agrees

as they describe his thin, strong physique

his neat appearance and sharp, brown eyes.


Although she finds him physically attractive,

that is not the reason why she’s with him.


She loves him for his golden heart,

how he voluntarily helps her organize her dorm

and tends to her when she catches a cold.

How he calms her when she’s stressed

and offers to help her study in her weakest subjects.


She appreciates the surprises of fresh cut flowers

and adorable stuffed animals he brings her.

She likes his wit, how he can make a joke out of any

situation, and his care-free spirit.


These qualities are the real feast,

the feast for her soul.

She never takes him for granted

and constantly tells him

how much she loves him.

She encourages him to complete all his goals

and offers to help him fulfill his

dreams, no matter how crazy

and impossible they sound.


She adores every second they’re together

and there isn’t anything that will ever change that.

One day soon, she plans to ask him

to be her husband in front of the movie theater

where he first asked to kiss her

at the exact time he did, at 8:25 p.m.



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