Dramatic-Daily Prompt

Yes, this may be slightly dramatic,

but the thought of these make me quite frantic.

They are creepy and scary,

their presence leaves me sweaty

arachnids always make me panic.





Role Models

Admire-Daily Prompt

How is it the ones we admire

can set within us a fire

of motivation

and determination

to get the things we desire?


I guess the answer is this:

they create within us a bliss,

spark our imagination,

dreams and aspirations

to become who we want and take risks.



I’ve endured strong but bright

Winds before

Both times you were there.

Both times you held me.


These beautiful storms

Great things are in store for us.

We have an exciting future ahead

Full of whirlwinds of love

And breezes carrying blessings

What a precious force of nature.





Autonomy-Daily Prompt

It’s kind of scary.

All my life I was told what to do,

what kind of decisions to make.

Then, as soon as I turn eighteen,

it’s all in my hands.


Finally being able to feel

my destiny in my own hands

but not knowing what to do with it.

They say, “With great power comes

great responsibility.”

Three years later, still not so sure

if I can handle all of this.


But one thing I know, my future starts with me,

what I’m doing now.

The daily decisions I make, where I choose to


Whether I merely accept my weaknesses

or strive to make them stronger, to

be complacent with my strengths or

put them to the test.


One day I asked myself, “What do I want to be?”

The mature, independent woman I always dreamed of?

Or will I stay comfortable and forever be that timid girl

who is too fearful and skeptical about new experiences?


I decided to no longer be timid and skeptical.

I learned that I’ve always wanted the chance to

make my own mistakes,

to learn on my own instead of going by what other people say.

I learned that even making mistakes strengthens me

by giving me knowledge on how to improve myself.


If I didn’t make these choices

I wouldn’t have met the amazing people I know today

and the priceless memories they left me.

I wouldn’t have grown, I still wouldn’t have confidence.

My life would be so miserable, but it’s not because

I’ve finally made the decision to live.

Sometimes, I Wonder…

Elusive-Daily Prompt

Sometimes, I Wonder…

Is it more of a thrill to be the pursuer or pursuee?

The pursuer plots and plans, examining the

pieces and sees them fall into place.

I admit it’s quite exhilarating to see an original

idea go according to plan.


Or is it a better feeling to be wanted,

to have the choice to be elusive,

to look for something better

or to stay still and be caught

in something beautiful?


So far, I confess, I have more experience

with the prior,

chasing goals, dreams, and

whatever else I put my mind to.

It is fulfilling to have dreams come true,

yet sometimes I wonder what it’s like

to be pursued.

Sometimes I wonder

if I’ll be pursued as much

as I have pursued…

Your Sanctuary

Sanctuary-Daily Prompt


You invited me into your sanctuary, a

place that at first made me skeptic and timid.

You took my tremblingĀ hand and showed me that is

filled with wonder, imagination, and endless possibilities,

a place where we could be anything we wanted.


You showed me how fun it is being in your world,

and how it wasn’t just one world but multiple.

One minute we’re in New York at a quiet park near a beautiful fountain

the next we’re having a picnic at the country sideĀ of France.


Through these many breathtaking adventures,

the huge imagination I once had returned to me,

the one I abandoned years ago, that I left

buried under reality.


After all of this was said and done

sadly, we had to go our separate ways

and leave this sanctuary

for how long? Only God knows.

When we embraced, I fought tears,

wanting to end this last adventure

without any sadness.


But it was all too clear

we didn’t want to leave.

But someday our paths will cross again

and we’ll go on new adventures

funner and more exciting than before.

Thank you, clocks



Tick tock,

I love you clock

You keep me on time

That’s why you deserve this rhyme.


I wonder who set the first clock,

who made it tick tock?

And is the east coast really ahead

or is the west coast really instead?


I think 24 o’clock would be a really cool time to see,

but it restarts at 0, which makes sense indeed.

It amazes me that we can distinguish things that can’t be held,

force, momentum, the time we tell, and even how loud a person can yell.


Anyway, this is my tribute to clocks everywhere

and to the people who make them, to be fair.

Thank you so much I won’t take you for granted

you have such an impact on the people of this planet.