“…I was so excited I forgot to stand?”

Quite a few summers ago, back when I was a teenager, I loved (and still love) the show, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I woke up to a gorgeous and sunny Saturday morning. An episode I haven’t seen before was going to come on television and I was really excited to see it.

Apparently I slept in a weird position which caused my right foot to fall asleep. I didn’t give it much consideration. The time had come for my show. I jumped out of bed.


I was on the ground. “That was weird, I guess I was so excited I forgot to stand?”

So I tried to stand again.


“Okay, let’s try this one more time…”

Thunk! “What is going on?!”

I stood, slower that time. I couldn’t feel my foot. It literally felt like I only had one foot. I put my weight on my right leg but my knee bent; my foot had absolutely no feeling. So I hopped to the stairs and carefully scooted down them, hoping that feeling would soon return to my foot.

(Slowly but surely, feeling returned.)


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