Never: Part 2

The main reason behind my previous “Never” post is that I recently published a poetry chapbook. For years I wanted to write a book and be a poet. I couldn’t imagine doing both.

In my last year of college, I heard the terms “self-publish” and “poetry books” often, and honestly more than I cared for. I mean, me, putting myself and poetry out there? Publishing something myself? Having my name out there and marketing? Give me a break. Those “being a poet” and “being an author” ships have sailed long ago.

But I’ve also heard it said that “God will take you to places you’ve never dreamed of.” I heard that he could revive dreams. Those ships I thought were long gone came back at full speed. On board was opportunities I didn’t think I’d have.

That being said, my book is published and public. I am extremely grateful to God and proud of myself. Too many years I thought that I wouldn’t amount to anything and I didn’t have what it takes to make my dreams come true. It took a long time for me to realize that when God is on my side, nothing is impossible. He’s given me the tools to make my dreams come true. I’ll only fail if I don’t use them.

I hope this testimony will encourage you. Whatever dream or dreams you have, you have the tools. I believe if you look deep down inside yourself, you’ll find the motivation you need to preserve and make your dreams come true. Your dream is out there waiting, go get it!




Apologies and Thank You All

To all my followers, I apologize for not blogging much. Both on the internet and in life, I normally don’t have much to say.

I would like to take this time to say “Thank you.” I appreciate the likes and the time you spend reading my posts. I highly appreciate the follows as well.

Starting this blog was a huge step for me because for years I thought that my opinions didn’t matter and no one cared for them, but I couldn’t be more wrong.

Thanks again, you all are fantastic!