The Time I Gave Myself a Black Eye

I was only about five or six years old when I gave myself a black eye. It was a school night and probably past my bedtime.

Anyway, I had a stuffed blue rabbit my siblings and I named, “Rabbit.” We still have him today. For some reason I didn’t really like him and got mad at him (guess I let my imagination get way out of hand) and I was beating him up at the edge of my bed. (My bed has a railing at the end of it.) I tried headbutting him and missed and my eye hit the railing.

I can’t really remember why but I got out of bed and went to the kitchen. My parents were there and said, “Ooo,” when they saw me. My mom rushed to get some ice. I had no idea I had a black eye until they told me.

The next day at school I was wearing a purple shirt. My teacher said that my eye matched my shirt. After two minutes of denying it I went to the restroom and saw that she was right! My bruise turned from black to purple!

I recently asked my mom, “Remember when I gave myself a black eye?” She said, “Yes. I had to write a note so the school wouldn’t call CPS on us.”

Wow. I didn’t know about the note until the other day. All that trouble because I tried to beat up a stuffed animal. Yep, I had issues…


One comment

  1. jacquelineobyikocha · November 9, 2015

    As kids we got into all manners of sticky situations 😁


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