The Time I Gave Myself a Black Eye

I was only about five or six years old when I gave myself a black eye. It was a school night and probably past my bedtime.

Anyway, I had a stuffed blue rabbit my siblings and I named, “Rabbit.” We still have him today. For some reason I didn’t really like him and got mad at him (guess I let my imagination get way out of hand) and I was beating him up at the edge of my bed. (My bed has a railing at the end of it.) I tried headbutting him and missed and my eye hit the railing.

I can’t really remember why but I got out of bed and went to the kitchen. My parents were there and said, “Ooo,” when they saw me. My mom rushed to get some ice. I had no idea I had a black eye until they told me.

The next day at school I was wearing a purple shirt. My teacher said that my eye matched my shirt. After two minutes of denying it I went to the restroom and saw that she was right! My bruise turned from black to purple!

I recently asked my mom, “Remember when I gave myself a black eye?” She said, “Yes. I had to write a note so the school wouldn’t call CPS on us.”

Wow. I didn’t know about the note until the other day. All that trouble because I tried to beat up a stuffed animal. Yep, I had issues…



Constantly I feel like I’m being tested,

nearly nothing seems to make sense

I hope I’m passing.

Fighting hard to not let emotions get the best of me,

fighting to stand, for it is too easy

to lay down and quit,

trying so hard to pass…

But when I finally stop looking around

and look up

I find that God’s light is shining,

a beautiful reminder that He’s always there

to help and guide me through this life.

With Him, there’s no way I can fail.