Enumeratio Elegy of Flavors

Enumeratio Elegy of Flavors

When you’re kind, you’re sweet,

Your sweetness, never too little

nor is it too much to make my stomach ache.

When you’re annoyed, a bit spicy

attractive yet intimidating.

I can never take you seriously

yet I fear for my life.

Never are you sour.

Your arms always stay open for me,

they provide much tranquility.

Never are you bitter.

I admire your style of

living in the present

and never in the past.

Neither are you salty.

You always encourage

never tear down.

Always applauding

never having your arms

folded in envy.

Sweet and spicy… I never knew these flavors went so well together.

Although I envy your flavors

you inspire me to no longer be

sour, bitter, or salty.

but to be as sweet as I can be.


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