Faces, found poetry, Chiasmus

I took some of the first words from some poems I wrote as a word bank. The words I used were: you, leaving, replacing, lying, lie, suffocated, reckless, taken, happiness, and running.

Chasing the winds,

running recklessly after love

leaving you suffocated,

lying on the ground

as if you’re soul was taken,

taken, as if your soul was lying on the ground

Pain, replacing happiness

despair sinking in.

Yes, your face shows it

motionless eyebrows…

the bags beneath your eyes, carrying the weight of your sorrow,

your wrinkles, formed by constantly wincing,

the color of your irises, faded from all the lies you believed,

corners of your mouth dragged down by sadness,

lips dried from kissing misery

Wallow no more,

let me wipe the tears from your face.



  1. jeanixAngel · October 13, 2015



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