Skin, Prose, Rhyme

Glowing in the dark

the dark slowly turning into day.

Today growing longer

the longer I am away from you.

You come into my arms,

my arms, always wide open for you

you hold me tight,

tightly, I hold you.

Goosebumps I had from the cold disappear,

when you appeared; they were tamed by your warmth,

warmth like a blanket over my shoulders,

my shoulders, no longer tensed when I am with you.

You tell me to not let go,

“Go,” is the last word on my mind.

I mind not holding you for as many hours as you need.

Need I say that being together is our destiny?


One comment

  1. rosemawrites · October 7, 2015

    Awww. I like how you use words to describe vividly and to evoke emotions powerfully. 🙂


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