Thinking Big, Dreaming Big

When I was a child, I used to dream big. I would think big, talk big, as if nothing were impossible.

Then I grew older. A lot of times when I would talk big, people would say that “You need to think realistically,” “How are you going to make a living from this?” and the reluctant, “Okay…”

I would internalize these thoughts and thought to myself, “Maybe I just can’t be at the top. I was just meant to be mediocre.”

But these statements aren’t true and I refuse to believe them any longer. No one should believe these negative statements.

Today for the very first time, I went out looking for a car. Years ago I saw myself looking to buy a old and beat up cars. But I am so done with that mentality. I didn’t go to a sketchy and shabby lot, I went to lots with new cars. The oldest car I looked at was a 2010 model.

I want to start out with a car that I really like. A nice one that looks and rides good. Doesn’t everyone have that right?

Yes, I’ve heard that sometimes people need to start out small, which I understand. But where a lot of people get stuck is when they think they have to stay small.

I thought I had to start out small and stay there for all my life but I don’t. I know God wants me to have nice things and He wants you to have nice things too. All we need to do is ask and believe for them.

I’m not sure why people think that they don’t deserve nice things or fancy things. It’s good to be humble but it’s not good to be miserable and have a “small” mindset. Have big dreams, think big! Sure at times you have to start out small but don’t stop there. Expand! Use whatever is small as a stepping stone. Maybe I will get an older car for my first car. But later I could sell it and use that money for a new nicer car that I was looking at today, or sow it as a seed and give it to someone who doesn’t have a vehicle. You sow what you reap. I’m not saying sow an old car and get an old car. I’m saying sow an old car and reap a nicer one! That’s what my mom did!

When I was looking at newer cars today, I was looking at my future. I was looking a bright, nice future that involves comfort. Everyone deserves a bright future with comfort, and everyone has this kind of future if they make good choices and dream and think big!



Hello! My name is Brittany and I’m a writer. (Not a paid one… yet!)

I love writing. I really love writing poetry and I’m a beginning screenwriter.

My writing mostly consists of love poems, fantasy, and a bit of adventure. I’ll mainly post poems but I may share some scenes from screenplays and some funny stories from my life.


Love Restored

Gray clouds, rain falling,

flowers wilting from the rain and sweat.

He’s walking, but he feels like he’s crawling

Holding the flowers tightly,

every second, getting more wet

as the gray clouds are hovering, rain falling.

Everyone around him walking

with their umbrellas set.

He’s walking, but inside, feels like he is crawling.

No hood, no umbrella, hauling

the weight of his heart to pay his debt,

under the gray clouds, rain falling.

The pain he feels is mauling

his very soul, but  knows his life isn’t over yet.

He’s walking, but inside still crawling.

He finally reaches her steps daunted,

but he inhales deep, and tries not to fret.

He rings the doorbell, she answers, bawling.

They hold each other tight under the gray clouds, rain falling.

Pleasure, Sonnet, Apostrophe

Sonnet to Poetry

Although today’s the last day,

Poetry, this is far from adieu.

From you I can’t seem to go astray.

I can’t stop from writing you.

When it came to speaking, I was never good with words,

they just never seemed to come to my mind.

And when it came to explaining my emotions, it got worse

I could never express myself in time.

But, oh, how you came to my aid

when I wanted to explain myself.

You helped me write just what to say

I’ll never put you back on the shelf.

A way of expression, not by speech, but by precious melody.

To reaching the hearts of people, a valued key.

Cold, Concrete, Anaphora/Epistrophe

Skating in This Winter’s Cold

I’ll hold you close in this winter’s cold.

Hold me as we skate across this ice

in this lonely wood. With you I feel

like I am gliding on air rather than

ice. You blush then kiss me. You

hold me as we skate across this

air-like ice in this winter’s cold,

the frosted trees lean to our

rhythm in this lonely wood.

Enumeratio Elegy of Flavors

Enumeratio Elegy of Flavors

When you’re kind, you’re sweet,

Your sweetness, never too little

nor is it too much to make my stomach ache.

When you’re annoyed, a bit spicy

attractive yet intimidating.

I can never take you seriously

yet I fear for my life.

Never are you sour.

Your arms always stay open for me,

they provide much tranquility.

Never are you bitter.

I admire your style of

living in the present

and never in the past.

Neither are you salty.

You always encourage

never tear down.

Always applauding

never having your arms

folded in envy.

Sweet and spicy… I never knew these flavors went so well together.

Although I envy your flavors

you inspire me to no longer be

sour, bitter, or salty.

but to be as sweet as I can be.

Faces, found poetry, Chiasmus

I took some of the first words from some poems I wrote as a word bank. The words I used were: you, leaving, replacing, lying, lie, suffocated, reckless, taken, happiness, and running.

Chasing the winds,

running recklessly after love

leaving you suffocated,

lying on the ground

as if you’re soul was taken,

taken, as if your soul was lying on the ground

Pain, replacing happiness

despair sinking in.

Yes, your face shows it

motionless eyebrows…

the bags beneath your eyes, carrying the weight of your sorrow,

your wrinkles, formed by constantly wincing,

the color of your irises, faded from all the lies you believed,

corners of your mouth dragged down by sadness,

lips dried from kissing misery

Wallow no more,

let me wipe the tears from your face.

Poem That I Admire

One of my all time favorite poems is “move” by Lucille Clifton. If I remember correctly, it is about the bombing of a neighborhood of MOVE activists in Philadelphia. I think it took place in the 1970s.

“The helicopter rose at the command

higher at first, then hesitating”

Apparently the person flying the helicopter was hesitating to bomb the neighborhood. The pilot took a second to think about morals but bombed the people anyway just because a person of power told him to. This poem has great imagery and expresses the feeling of peril. It inspires me to use great imagery and emotion in my poems. I also really love the last stanza, Here’s the full poem:

they had begun to whisper

among themselves hesitant

to be branded neighbor to the wild

haired women the naked children reclaiming a continent



he hesitated

then turned his smoky finger

toward africa toward the house

he might have lived in might have

owned or saved had he not turned



the helicopter rose at the command

higher at first then hesitating

then turning toward the center

of its own town only a neighborhood



she cried as the child stood hesitant in the last clear sky

he would ever see the last

before the whirling blades the whirling smoke

and sharp debris carried all clarity



if you live in a mind

that would destroy itself

to comfort itself

if you would stand fire

rather than difference

do not hesitate move


Celebration of the Heart and Mind: Map, Ode, Metaphor

Celebration of the Heart and Mind

The heart is a map,

mind is the steering, the body, wheels

going wherever the map leads…

Multiple routes can be taken

any route, whether it is asking someone out,

buying new clothes,

or even deciding what to eat.

The mind can be an amazing GPS when

nurtured: updated and filtered frequently,

and kept away from negative influences.

The map is beautiful,

deciding to take a road paved or not,

easy or challenging,

which path to take

on this journey is

up to you.