Stop Giving Your Man False Expectations

We need to stop giving men false expectations.

Not all of them are princes

Not every man can make an event a fairytale

Not all of them will cry

Not all of them will understand you perfectly

They have flaws… why?

Because they are human beings

They’ll make mistakes

They’re not characters from movies

They are real people with real flaws and that’s ok because everyone has flaws.

He may not give you flowers or apologize when the time seems right

But know he still cares and loves you in his own way

He loves you like no other man would

He shows his love differently than people say he should

You may be missing the subtle things that make him special

Don’t look for what society says you should look for

Society is just striving for what it thinks is right and what feels good.

Know what you want and wait patiently.

Having false expectations fail and hurt every time.

Know that the one for you will mess up and make mistakes, accept that because you will make mistakes too.

Life isn’t perfect nor are people but it’s a blessing to have someone to live life with.

You may not be able to lean on him all the time, for he will struggle and fall too.

Just be there, that’s all you can do

Even when he’s not there for you know that he just needs time and during that time know he is still thinking about you and he cares.

Love isn’t a fairytale

It is very complicated

Two different people with different thoughts and feelings coming together to make things harmonious will not always go smoothly.

There will be disagreements and pain but it will only make both of you stronger and mature in the end

Just agree to never leave

Even when things get so difficult and you’re not sure you can bear it

Remember back when you fell for each other, why you chose him, and why you decided to continue sharing your life with him.

Be patient, lashing out in anger will only make things worse. Know that your love for him is more powerful than you think. None of it will go to waste. You will reap what you sow.

You’re precious and he knows it. He may forget how precious you are at times but he still thinks you are amazing and he’ll always be grateful you chose to be a part of his life.


Hi All!

Hey! I’m slowly getting back into poetry. David Snape has post one of my latest poems on his blog! Here’s the link.¬† And please check out his radio show and his social media. Thanks!

Keys to My Heart

Daily Prompt: Invitation

Keys to My Heart


I used to give the keys to my heart freely.

I thought no one would do me wrong, but they did,

tossing away my keys into the garbage

as soon as they were through them.


With tears in my eyes I rummaged through

the garbage and wiped off the crud off my keys. I then locked

those keys away, thinking everyone I met

just wanted to use them at their disposable.


Fortunately, people throughout my life from then on

shined a light on my darkened soul. I ran to where

I locked my keys and stopped cold…

“Do I really want to do this? What if I witness the same pain again?

But they have taken the time to shine their light on my life. They didn’t

need to, they chose to. And it’s not just any light, it’s a light I will

remember for a lifetime…”

I take the keys and shined them

and proudly presented them to the ones who took

the time to show me kindness in my despair.

In exchange, I was bestowed their keys

which I hang permanently in a special place in my heart.


Daily Prompt: Someday


Is it soon? Is it far away?

Will it come from convenience, motivation?

Can someday be today? Right now, in a couple of hours?

Can it be tomorrow, next month, years from now?

Whatever you say will happen someday

make sure that day comes.

Please don’t wait until it’s too late.

Schedule your “someday” you’ll be

happy you got whatever’s on your mind and heart completed.

Have no regrets!!!

Clinging to a Dream

Daily Prompt: Cling

Clinging to a dream

that many think won’t happen.

No matter how much faith I think they have

they encourage me to steer away from the

hopes of my heart.


But I won’t listen to them

With God all things are possible.

I asked Him if these dreams will pass

and He said “Yes,”

so I will stand on His word

and make His will my own.

I’ll follow Him for I know He’s always right.


I don’t blame the others for their lack of faith

for I used to have little faith too

and God didn’t tell or show them what He

told and showed me.


God will give us the desires of our hearts if we

delight ourselves in Him.

I delight myself in the Lord, I’m excited for

what else He’ll do in my life.

I’ll be patient and keep thanking Him

for bringing my dream to pass,

this is why I will cling to my dream

regardless of how far away it seems.


Until it happens I will gain knowledge and grow

in order to maintain this dream that is

forever locked in my heart.


Daily Prompt: Vanish

Looking in the mirror, displeased with the reflection

and who the reflection was, I broke it.

Constantly rearranging the pieces and breaking it

again to start all over.


Why won’t this person vanish? Why won’t she change for good?

The glass gets sharper and sharper, cutting me to the very bone.


Completely surrounded by bloody, sharp shards of glass

I get on my knees and weep.

A gentle but strong Hand strokes mine and heals the cuts I endured.

It raises the shards and wipes off the blood and fixes the mirror


It reaches out for my hand, I hesitantly take it.

I stand and look in the mirror.

I now see a person who is even better than I wanted to be.